Reemployment Assistance
Reemployment Assistance Claims

Questions or concerns regarding Reemployment Assistance must be directed to the Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) at 1-800-204-2418.

This agency is unique and separate from CareerSource Pasco Hernando. CareerSource Pasco Hernando does not have access to the systems necessary to assist you with Reemployment Assistance Claims. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Reemployment Eligibility and Assessment Program Overview

If you are a reemployment assistance claimant, you may be randomly selected by (DEO) to participate with a reemployment service program at CareerSoure Pasco Hernando. If you are selected you will receive an identifiable appointment letter in the postage mail. If you have received such notification you will read that you have been selected to take part in the Reemployment Eligibility and Assessment (REA) Program. If you have not received notification of this program assignment, there is no need to be alarmed, not all claimants are selected. If you are not selected but still want services from our team please come to our resource room and/or navigate this site for detailed information on how CareerSource Pasco Hernando can assist all jobseekers.

The (REA) program is currently offered in Florida and many other states and is designed to assist identified job seekers with their gain of re-employment. (REA) does begin its participation with an orientation, this seminar (virtual or in person), will review examples of how this office can assist you now and in the future with career success.
Reminder these are the activities that are accounted for by REA Staff:
  • Orientation
  • Appointment with staff, completion of the Employability Development Plan (EDP).
  • Virtual Workshop
  • Telephone Follow Up
  • Notification of re-employment
Hernando: (352) 200-3048
West Pasco: (727) 484-3400 ext. 3048
East Pasco: (813) 377-1300 ext. 3048
Toll Free: (866) 396-9675 ext. 3048

If you are currently participating with the (REA) program and wish to discontinue assistance because your CONNECT / RA claim has ended or because you have recently gained employment, please notify your assigned REA Career Specialist with the following information: Employers name, Start Date and position title. This will excuse you from any future scheduling of services, such as continuous telephone follow up.
Resoures and links for REA participants:
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