Job Ready Skills Preparation - Workshops
CareerSource Pasco Hernando is proud to present a series of workshops designed to better prepare Job Seekers to meet employer’s needs. By making you “Job Ready” you become a first choice applicant with extra knowledge and skills demanded in our current marketplace.

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Are You Job Ready? Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
Job seekers want to make a great impression on potential employers if they want the job. There are no guarantees, but employers are looking for the best candidates for the jobs they do want to fill. Returning to On Site and OnLine, this newly updated workshop is comprehensive with a checklist and steps to take to improve your Job Readiness..

Career Changers Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
You’ve worked in the same occupation for 20 to 30 years and just don’t want to do that anymore. So now what? Where do you begin to do the research? How do you transition your skills? Attend Career Changers for the “How To” steps to begin your new career.

How to Retain Your Job Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
The phone rings….you got the job! So now how do you RETAIN your job? Participants learn practical skills for succeeding in vital areas: job performance, following the rules (including unwritten rules), dealing with people (bosses, co-workers, and customers), how to become an irreplaceable employee, and showing initiative. Participants give a new employee advice on how to handle problems on a new job and take advantage of opportunities. And participants learn the importance of personal qualities, such as integrity, responsibility, reliability, and the work ethic.

Improve Communication Skills Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
Listening, Observing, Reading, and Following Directions -Did you know that employers are screening out applicants because they are not following directions? How well do you listen to the questions asked during an interview. Join this workshop for tips on how to improve your communication skills.

Interviewing Skills Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
What’s the number one reason people fail at an interview? This workshop will clue you in and present those techniques which will allow you to be confident at every phase of the interview process. Following a discussion of interview content and procedure, it will be time to put those skills to use in a series of mock interviews.

Job Application-How to Complete Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
Learn the importance of a complete, correct, and accurate (no errors) job application. In this workshop you will benefit from information you will need to complete an application for employment and tips and suggestions for writing applications that make a great impression.

Networking: Social, Technical, Professional  Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
“It’s not always what you know; it’s who you know….” Here’s the perfect opportunity to begin building or to expand your personal network. Don’t let this moment pass you by….become part of the 70%.

New Beginning for the Ex-Offender Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
It is true that a felony conviction can make it more difficult to find and secure employment, but you are not without options. You must exercise patience, persistence, and honesty – after all, honesty truly is the best policy. In the New Beginning for the Ex-Offender workshop, we’ll discuss and examine changing the environment, employer/employee options, completing the application, and writing the resume.

Power Job Search Technique Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
This is where all job search tips come together. This workshop delivers more in depth instruction on planning your search. Learn tricks using Check out alternate methods to search for work, including several newer websites, creating virtual recruiters and more. Learn how!

Resume & Cover Letter Available OnDemand
Prerequisite: None
Ready to land the interview? Be sure your resume is in top shape by examining content, format, and those professional touches to get you noticed including a solid cover letter. You’ll be ready to market yourself to the best of your abilities and secure the interview. Then, after the Interview workshop, you’ll be on your way to your new career.

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