OJT for Jobseekers
The On-The-Job Training program is designed to assist job seekers in getting the skills and training they need to become employed. In fact, you’re employed from day one of training in this program. That’s right, a job, a paycheck, and a training program designed by the employer to give you the exact skills and training you need to be a successful employed worker in today’s competitive workforce.
CareerSource Pasco Hernando offers an assessment program designed to identify your interests and aptitudes. The assessment will assist in matching your aptitudes and interests to the best suitable employer. Upon completion, then your aptitudes and interests are matched with a local company’s hiring needs. You will interview as you would for any job and instead of worrying you’re not qualified, your assessment results tells the employer you’re the right person to hire because your aptitude is your inherent capacity, talent or ability to do the job. If your interest results say you’re interested in doing a certain job, just imagine going to work in that job for which you’re suited, have interest in and the employer will train you to obtain the actual skills his or her company needs.
Applicant will need to complete the following activities on their own prior to eligibility determination.
How to become an OJT Employee:
1. Update your Employ Florida Marketplace account.

2. Notify CareerSource Pasco Hernando that you are interested in the On-The-Job Training program.
3. Complete the WIA Online Orientation.
4. Complete an OJT Needs Assessment.
5. Complete the Ready to Work screening.
6. Complete the OJT Success Workshop.
7. Wait for an OJT Representative to contact you.
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