Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?\/
Is there a fee for your services?\/
How can I view my job as the job seeker would see it?\/
Can an employer see any of my information?\/
Can the employer see my social security number and registration information?\/
May I keep a job position in your system indefinitely?\/
Does CareerSource Pasco Hernando provide background checks prior to referring the candidates?\/
Is CareerSource Pasco Hernandol a State Agency? What exactly do you do?\/
Does the job seeker see exactly what I can see on my job order? What does the job seeker see? \/
I just made a change on my job order. Why can't I see it?\/
Why do I have to contact a CareerSource Pasco Hernandol Representative to get information on jobs I like?\/
Do you contact the job seekers or do we contact them directly? \/
Do you prepare resumes or Can you look over my resume? \/
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